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girl who fell asleep with my cum on her face

I dated a woman for three years. She was awesome and has been quite successful in her life. This was back in our 20s when everything was boners and fun.

Anyhow, towards the end of things, after we’d graduated with our BA’s and started out careers she cheated on me with three different guys. It took me years to get over it, but really, I don’t blame her. She’d had a straight-lace upbringing and wanted to be single and travel and have all sorts of freedom and experiences. She wanted to sleep around and get it all out of her system, and that’s exactly what she went on to do….

…But it really fucked me up to learn she sucked my friend’s dick one of those weekends I was away help my parents renovate their kitchen. Got kinda drunk. Spent the night at his place. Sucked his cock three separate times. Let him cum in her mouth. Acted like nothing odd had happened when I got home.

Another of her trysts seems a little far-fetched, but the fact that I even heard the whispers of rumors sorta proves that something went down. It happened on one of those snowboard trips to our friend Kaila’s mountain condo. It was one of those “youth-only” things, when everybody stays up drinking and playing truth or dare and then falling asleep next to whomever….. Rumor has it that my girlfriend slept in a bed in between two guys, and they talked and touched and casually explored each other like high school students. She didn’t resist or complain when one of them put his hand into her panties, and before too much longer, she was completely naked, laying between them, getting finger-fucked and suckled and caressed. One of them nudged her head down and she complied, slowly taking him into her mouth as they both watched with lust….They double-teamed her for about an hour and a half. The people in the next room could hear thing quite clearly, and it was from them whom I eventually heard the truth.

She went crazy after the breakup, but my friends wisely got silent about her shenanigans: they pretty much said that she had turned kind of slutty and they didn’t feel comfortable talking to me about it all. I still heard stuff, about the infamous blowjob she gave to her boss and the time she met someone on a cross-country flight, hit it off, changed her plans, and spent three days exploring San Fransisco and getting railed by a guy she had known for a day. Those two trysts were too juicy to keep contained, of course: everybody had heard about them.

She’s married and has kids now, the young slutty erotic creature who sucked cock and took it up the ass every now and then, had evolved into a matronly woman with grey in her hair and earth-toned clothes in her closet. I guess that’s the way of things, but in my mind, she remains the “girl who fell asleep with my cum on her face”.

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