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Husband dropped wife off and I came in her mouth

Kinda a weird deal. I was trolling the internet and started talking to this woman who was from out of town visiting family with her husband. Well long story short she liked to cut loose and her husband was ok with it to a point. After some discussion about what we would do to each other,(I clearly stated I wanted to blow in her mouth), she agreed to meet me in a hotel room and her husband even escorted her their. She was in her late thirties and had a surprisingly tight body, dressed nicely with big hoop earings that were tempting to pull on when things got serious. After they were confident I wasnt a serial killer the husband left and we got down to business. I started by going down on her, she reeled back and eventually came. She wanted me to video tape her and take pictures so she could enjoy it later. She posed naked on the bed for me at first, then we progressed to me taking pictures with my dick in her mouth. She got off big time on the whole thing. I suited up with a condom and fucked her good and proper until she came again and I was getting close to blowing my load myelf. At this point she wanted me to use her cell phone to film me blowing cum into her mouth. After getting the phone set up she began bobbing on the head of my dick while I pinched and rubbed on her nipples. Usually I get off thrusting into a womans mouth allowing the cum to glide down her throat. My right hand was filming her so as I started to cum I pushed down her head with my left hand to finish it how I like it. She fought me though and I ended up pumping into her mouth and not being able to thrust deep enough to inject it deep. I came pretty hard and filled her mouth with nut. She drooled it out onto her tits like a dirty whore knowing it was all on camera. She then went to the bathroom, washed up, and texted her husband to come get her. I never saw her again. True story.


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