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intense masturbation online chat room

I have on my instant messenger and I am in an adult chat room. I see what others are typing and there are some really good conversations going on. It’s funny how the guys come on to the ladies in the room. I get a few messages popping up asking what I am wearing. I get a few invites to watch someone’s video while they do their wild thing. I have watched a few but for some reason it just doesn’t seem to come across as sexy or erotic, maybe because of no sound or the slowness of the video. I listen to music while I chat in the rooms, takes the boredom away.
One of the gentlemen in the room was quite sexy. I started zeroing in on his conversation. I could tell he was the wild one of the bunch. He had a very outgoing personality and a charmer with the ladies. I began to join in on the conversations he was in. There were a few men chatting and about three ladies in the conversation. I added my two cents in once in awhile, just playing the game. I got an instant message outside of the room I was in. The message came across:
“Hello beautiful lady”. I said “Hello there sexy.” I didn’t know this person nor did I recognize the name. He stated that he seen my profile and was interested in talking to me. The conversation continued and he spoke of his wife and the three of us having sex together. The sex was not in person nor cyber sex. He wanted me to watch his web cam as I directed their movements, kind of like a director of a movie. Wow!!! This was exciting! I wanted to do this really bad. I told him I would. He set up his web cam so I could see what they were doing. I didn’t have a cam so they couldn’t see me. They had pictures of me off my website so they knew who was at the other end of the cam.
I had a microphone hooked up to the computer and they heard me speaking into the room and could hear any sounds I might make. I could see them in their room on their web cam. It was awesome. It wasn’t in slow motion, they were crystal clear. Before we got this movie started, I asked them if I could tell them anything and would they do it or did they have restrictions of what they would do. They both replied “no”. They gave me a small tour of their bedroom so I could glimpse the scene. I asked if they had toys and she said “Oh yes” we do. She walked over to a trunk and oh the fascinating toys they shared. I am going to have a blast with these two and their toys.
Setting up the scene: I want her standing facing away from the doorway that enters their room. She has a large walk-in closet with a beautiful wardrobe. She was tall and lean with beautiful sexy long legs. Her breasts were a bit more than a handful. Shoulder length light brown hair with a tint of highlight red. Her ass was larger and well rounded fit beautifully with the rest of her body. He was rather handsome. His hair was coal black a bit longer on top then his sides, Pushed back with a hint of gel. He face had a thin beard cleanly shaven and a slight goatee. His arms were muscular, his legs very nice and his ass was to die for. He was very sexy. She was standing slightly into the closet getting ready to change clothes getting ready for a night on the town. She was standing there with a T on and a thong and a bit of her back was showing. She reached in to pull out a dress and before she got turned around Alex came into the room just after his shower walking up to her still slightly wet.
I begin to direct these lovemaking scenes:
“Alex, brush your body up against hers and take your arms, wrap them around her kissing her neck. Place your hand upon her breasts and fondle them.” Sarah responds with moaning as she slightly turns her head and kisses his lips passionately. Her body engulfs his in response to the kisses and the fondling of her breasts. “Tell her you want her. She looks very sexy and hot.” “Sarah, bend down and put his throbbing dick into your mouth and walk slowly backwards to the bed without taking your mouth off of his dick.” He reaches for her ass as he gives it a couple of slaps. She grasps his ass and playfully gives him a few slaps on his ass. When they get to the bed, “Alex pick her up above you and let her slide down your body and when her moist wetness touches your dick plop her down to the bed.” Her legs come up off the floor and into the air. “Lunge between her legs and slide her panties off to the side. Place your hot wet tongue on her clit lick it and suck it till she has an orgasm.” Her body is reacting to his licking and sucking, her body moving and pushing into his face and she clenches his hair, moving his head all over her pussy. She lets out a little scream of delight as she explodes into ecstasy.”Alex slide your body up hers pushing it into hers and let her kiss and lick that sweet juice from your mouth.” Sarah wraps her arms around him and places her hands upon his head as they kiss passionately. Alex is moving his body on hers responding to her kissing and her body movement.
“Alex, roll Sarah onto her stomach. Touch her back with one finger; caress down her back and onto her ass, massaging it. Lower your face to her shoulders and gently slide your tongue savoring each taste. Take your time licking and sucking back till you get all the way to her ass. Touch her all over her body with your hands.” Sarah is moving and moaning to his touches and his licks. Her body movement is pushing into his hands and up on his tongue. I have to say this is awesome to see. I am getting a little flustered a little hot. I can feel the warmth touch of his hands on her. I feel the sensations that Sarah feels. They both are feeling extremely hot and sexy.
“Sarah, sit up and make Alex lay back into the bed. Play with your breasts and squeeze your nipples. Her nipples become erect and hard and Alex is watching her every move. “Sit on top of Alex just below his penis so he can watch you play with yourself.” She is slipping her finger in and out of her pussy and playing with her clit, rubbing it and tapping it. Alex reaches for her to hold as she continues to play. “Sarah, slide your finger into your ass” and Alex moans and slightly lifts his body up off the bed. He is turned on. “Sarah, move your body forward sliding your wet sweet pussy on his body all the way to his face.” Alex slides down in the bed a bit so Sarah can get to his face and still be comfortable at the head of the bed. “Sarah, grasp the headboard and ride his face. Alex, lick her and suck her till she screams with pleasure. Make her com Alex, make her scream with delight.” Sarah is moving all over Alex’s face. I squeeze my legs together tight feeling very horny and wanting to fuck, wishing it was me sitting on Alex’s face.
“Alex, pick your woman up and slide her down your body to you huge rock hard dick and tell her to suck that dick. Sarah turns and puts her ass in his face and sucks and teases his dick. “Alex, take a toy from the nightstand and hold it up so I can see which one you have. He picks the rabbit with the tickling ears. “let Sarah lick the toy to get it moist and then begin to insert it as she is sucking your dick. Turn the vibrator around so that the ears are tickling her asshole and push it in and out her pussy.” The faster he was putting it in and taking it out the faster she got pumping his dick with her mouth. Her hands were wrapped around his dick while her mouth was going up and down on his hard dick. She was moaning and they were getting louder as her pleasure spilled onto the dildo. He reached over and took another toy, the anal beads. My insides were going crazy. I wanted to go and get my toys but I couldn’t leave the room. “Alex, you get behind Sarah and Sarah you lift your ass into the air so he can get a good look at that sweet ass of yours.” You guys are hot, I am so turned on, I can’t stand it, I said. “Lean forward and lick her ass and massage her ass with your hands. She is so wet, I can see it.
“Sarah play with your clit, while Alex slides the beads into your ass.” “MMMM”, I say, “let me lick that ass.” He slides one, two and three, She is moaning and her fingers are wildly going up and down on her clit. “Alex lean forward and kiss and lick her ass cheeks while inserting the rest of the beads.” I can’t breathe; I feel the desire coming from that room. I reach my hand down into my panties, as I too play with my clit, faster and faster I go watching Alex insert those beads into that sweet ass of hers. Sarah has three orgasms just by him inserting the beads. I can’t wait for him to pull them out of her ass. “Sarah, reach to the end table and take the butt plug and insert it into Alex’s nice round ass for me.”
“Alex, get up on your hands and knees so she can insert the plug into your ass. Sarah, lick his asshole and slide the plug into your mouth to get it wet. Lick him wildly and shove your tongue in and out of his ass. Caress his ass cheeks with your hands and slide them up his back pushing your pussy up onto his ass as you lick his back, letting your tongue slide back down to his asshole inserting your tongue once again.” Alex is moaning wildly and he cannot keep his body still. It is moving with her every touch. “Ok Sarah, slide the toy into his ass.” At that moment Alex slipped down into the bed, losing control. I moaned and let out a whimper as I too at that moment felt the sensations run throughout my body, I screamed as I had an electrifying orgasm. Sarah looked over at the camera and smiled at me. Alex turned his head to look at the camera but yet they couldn’t see me. They got pleasure from me cumming watching them.
“Alex, stand by the edge of the bed and pull Sarah to you. I want you to put that hot throbbing dick of yours into that hot sweet pussy of hers from behind.” Sarah is screaming “yeah oh yeah baby fuck that pussy.” Sarah is laying there with her ass in the air at the edge of the bed. Alex is standing behind her getting ready to put his penis into her hot wet pussy. “Alex, grab her ass cheeks and push your head of you dick into her pussy and let Sarah ride you and take control.” Sarah is pushing her pussy onto his dick and pulling it back and I can see his long dick going in and out of her pussy. I am so turned on, I am playing with myself. While these two are making love to each other I slipped away for a moment and went and got my vibrator to play with. I took all my clothes off and inserted the vibrator into my hot pussy that is wanting fucked.
I know they can hear the vibrator as I turned it on. “Alex, I said, slowly, slow your pace down, let her feel every inch of your cock going in and out of her. The beads are awaiting to be pulled out of Sarah’s ass. Sarah is moaning and told Alex to spank her ass. He slips out his dick and spanks her with his dick, one cheek and then the other tapping it more rapidly flipping it from one side then the other. I yelled “Alex slip it back into her pussy and shove it all the way inside of her and hold it there for a moment.” Sarah starts to move and her body quivering as she yells, “Alex, make me cum baby!, I am going to cum. I said, Alex take the handle of the beads and get ready to pull them out when I say.” He is wildly pumping her pussy in and out and Sarah starts to scream “Alex”, I said “pull the beads out now, Alex!!” He pulls them out one at a time and her ass grasps each one, cumming intensely she screams, the beads are pulled out, she is having one orgasm after another. I too am cumming as I turn up the vibration and watch those beads being pulled from her ass. I am moaning and I explode my pleasure onto the vibrator. I tell them “I am licking my sweet juices from the vibrator.”
Alex is moaning and holding back his orgasm and I said, “Alex it’s your turn to explode your pleasure.” Alex, slip your dick into Sarah’s ass and Sarah put the vibrator into your pussy while he fucks your ass. Alex is on his knees and Sarah on her stomach so they can pleasure each other. Sarah is pushing the vibrator in and out her pussy and the rabbit ears are tickling her clit. Alex is fucking her ass and he can feel the vibrations coming from the vibrator inside Sarah’s pussy. If you could only hear the sounds, the moaning and the pleasures coming from this room, I can hardly stand it. I am shoving the vibrator in and out my pussy, faster and faster. I yelled out “Fuck her good, Alex”. “Sarah, you are so sexy hot, I wish I could spank your ass and lick that pussy while he fucks your ass. I would make you feel so good. Alex, I would get behind you and lick that ass of yours. I would slip my tongue in and out your ass with every stroke you make to her ass. I wouldn’t stop till I make you scream and you cum all up in Sarah’s ass.” Alex is pumping her wildly and she is spilling her pleasure all over the vibrator and she collapses to her stomach as Alex grasps her firmly and shoves his cock deep into her ass one last time because he is exploding his pleasure all up in her ass. He screams with pleasure as she is screaming with pleasure and he collapses down on top of her and he yells to Sarah, “you are amazing and I love you!” I spilled my pleasure, screaming with the both of them, it felt great and this was amazing.
They both turn their heads towards their webcam and said “this was great, we enjoyed you immensely. Thank you, till we meet again. Goodnight!! So much fun to direct this sex act, but to watch it at the same time was awesome and unbelievably erotic and sexy.

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