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Late night card game and sex with my son’s friend

This happened a few years ago but still lives in my mind as if it were yesterday. My husband at that time was a night worker and I was watching a late night film before going to bed .
My son came home from his boxing club with four of his mates and asked if they could play cards as they had no work the next morning. I had no objections and so they sat round the table and started to play . I was in nightie and panties but wearing my robe . I noticed that now and again I was getting the looks and felt a bit embarrassed so I told my son I was going up to bed . One of his friends asked where the toilet was and as it was upstairs I said I would show him. He followed me upstairs and I pointed to the bathroom door . I went into our bedroom and started to take off my robe. I heard the toilet being flushed and so I went out and as I was about to open the door the young boy came out . He stared at my breasts and said that he found me very attractive and would I give him a kiss . I was utterly astounded at this but he grabbed my face and roughly kissed me on the lips . His tongue went into my mouth and to my shame I kissed him back. His hands immediately went to my breasts and he groped them very roughly. My nipples were very hard and I couldn’t believe I had let him kiss me and grope me . I pushed him away and he smiled and said he would come round tomorrow afternoon as he knew my son was playing football and that my husband always watched . He did come round and for weeks after that we had a very good time together but he eventually moved away and so I went back to being a housewife and mum but I shall never forget it.

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