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Mom and Daughter Watch Each Other Masturbate

I want to confess that my daughter (25) and me (53) watch each other masturbate. It started with a conversation where we both learned that we like to be watched.

On an evening with wine flowing, we joked about it and that turned to acting on it. We went to my room and my daughter sat on the bench at the end of the bed. I undressed and let her look at me. We had seen each other (just glimpses) but never for a period of time. I’m an all natural woman with not much fuss over lots of make up and bare shaven bodies. My pussy is real hairy and this was something she hadn’t seen.

The feeling that we both had as she sat and looked at me, was a turn on. I laid on the bed and spread my legs. My daughter said, “oh my God mom.” It was then that we both knew this was a turn on that we both would enjoy.

I fingered myself and then used my dildo. I was incredibly turned on fucking myself while my daughter watched. I was a bit surprised. After I had an orgasm, I laid there and let her look at my wetness.

My daughter then got up and got undressed. She stood there for me to look. She too was not shaved but not the amount of hair that I have. She laid down on the bed and opened her legs for me. She masturbated with her fingers until she came.

We truly enjoyed this and we both just love to be watched. We do this quite often. I have had the urge to lick her but have never said anything. I’m thinking she might be thinking the same thing. Who knows. Maybe one day we’ll talk about it. For now, we love masturbating in front of each other.


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