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Waitress Fucked by Boss at Pizza Parlor

I started my job about four months ago. My manager is a very handsome man. He’s tall, skinny, has gorgeous green eyes, and he always flirts with me. He’s my boss so I usually just blow off his remarks. Tonight I was working the closing shift and everyone but me and him had gone home already. He was cleaning the oven and I was folding boxes. I looked over and he was laying on his back trying to fix some screw. As he lay there all I could think about is how nice it would be to get on top of him and ride his dick until he came inside me. I tried to just get it out of my head but I couldn’t. I went through a break up and I haven’t had sex in a month. That’s really a long time for me. I decided to bring things up casually. So I asked him, “David, have you ever fucked any of the employees here?” He looked up at me with a grin and told me just two. He then went back to what he was doing. I started thinking. There’s only a few other women that work with us and I know I’m ten times hotter then they are. So why not me. I went over and asked if he needed any help. He told me to just go wipe off a counter. Not what I was thinking. I’m only 5’1″ so when I clean the counters I have to go on the tips of my toes and bend over the counter. I was trying to reach the back counter what I felt his stomach pressed up against my ass and he wrapped his hands around my waste and turned toward him. I was face to face with him and I know I was breathing very heavily. He put his lips to mine and slipped his tongue in my mouth. As he was kissing me so gently he slid his hands to the front of my waste, untucked my shirt, and pulled it over my head. It was cold so my nipples instantly got hard. I started to undo his belt while he pulled my slacks down. Before I could finish he was lifting me onto the counter and pulling my panties down. Oddly enough all I could think of was that pizza was prepared here. I pushed the thought aside and concentrated on him. He put his head between my thighs and started licking my wet pussy. He was very skilled. His tongue was flicking my clit and I started to moan loudly. He started gently biting my clit while shoving his tongue inside my pussy. I EXPLODED. He licked me up and pulled his pants down the rest of the way. I was surprised to see his hard dick had to be 10 inches. He pulled me off the counter, turned me around and bent me over. He teased me with the tip of his dick and I thought I was going to burst. Then before I knew it he shoved all of it into me and I let out a squeal that echoed through the store. As he was fucking me he wound his hand up in my hair and started kissing my neck. He reached his hand around and grabbed my nipple and started playing with it. I came so many times my legs went weak. I couldn’t stand any longer so I decided it was time to finish. I turned around went on my knees and sucked off his huge dick until he burst in my mouth. The taste of his cum was so sweet it made my mouth water. Then we were done. We got dressed finished up and left. I think I’ll have to start working late more often. Casual sex will be nice for me.

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